We all have our own fitness objectives whenever we hit the gym. There are some individuals who are after toning their muscles while others workout for health related issues. The bottom line is working out regardless of whether you want to burn calories or not has some health and fitness related benefits. Therefore if you are looking for a healthy way of burning up to 100 calories you have no option than to hit the gym and get going. You can work out for as long as one hour if you have the time or as little as 20 minute if you are time strapped and still achieve your fitness objectives. In this piece, we are going to look at five of the best way you can burn up to 100 calories.

  • Riding a bike  

Did you know that you can lose up to 100 calories in just 10 minutes? Riding your bike for just 10 minutes can help you achieve this. Try as much as possible to ride the bike as fast as possible (preferably 14-16 mph). This should be more than enough to guarantee you burning of about 92 calories. Does this sound like something you can do? Why not! All you need is a bike and helmet for protection. If you include hills into your bike ride, chances are that you are going to burn even more calories.

  • Swimming  

The best part about swimming is that it will strengthen almost every muscle in your body. These exercises are low impact options to your workout routine but they have great impact. A 10 minute of fast paced swimming has the potential of burning up to 85 calories in one session. These exercises are ideal for beginners who find it hard to go on a 10 minute sprint. You can just chill out at the pool and enjoy a low impact exercise session.

  • Circuit training

If you do not have exercise equipment, you need not to worry because there is still a whole bunch of exercises you can do which will be great for calorie burning. You can get your heart racing with simple bodyweight circuit workout. All you need to do is to try and repeat a circuit exercise two to three times without resting in between the exercises.

  • Push-Ups and Sprints

If you are looking for a fast paced workout routine, you may want to combine push-ups and sprints. To be effective, you may want to consider alternating between these two and give yourself a one minute break between the two exercises. If you find it had, try doing some knee push-ups. You can do this for 5 rounds and you should be able to burn enough calories for the day.

  • Do not be all gloom

Did you know that laughter is good for your health? If you did not, now you know. You can burn up to 40 calories with just 15 minutes of laughter. Therefore, try to have some fun throughout the day.